Local 1-S Member Addresses White House Summit


RWDSU Local 1-S member and Macy’s employee Kay Thompson addressed the White House Summit on Working Families in Washington D.C. in June. The summit was a forum created by the White House to examine work-life balance and policies that further workers’ stability and economic security. President Barack Obama, First Lady Michelle Obama, and Vice President Joe Biden and his wife Jill attended and addressed the forum.


Thompson told attendees about the advantages she has in being a union member, and how RWDSU representation has helped her raise her four children.

“Thanks to my union’s collective bargaining agreement with Macy’s, I'm guaranteed the right to choose my days off six months in advance, and determine which days I’m available to come in early and which days I work late. This assured flexibility in scheduling allows me to prepare my children for school every day,” Thompson said.

“The job protections I have through my union allow me to balance time to bring in income for my family as well as raise my children, but I know that is not the case for many workers with no union representation. While I am grateful for my work situation, I want all retail workers to experience a sustainable working environment where family friendly workplace scheduling is a priority for all companies,” Thompson added.

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